Falling into Place - Concerts Nov 2023

Falling into Place is the first opportunity since before COVID where the public and all our friends are invited to join and celebrate with us.
Our program includes the premiere performance of an arrangement of Bach's Cello Suite #1,  Mozart's lovely Bb sonata for violin and piano and Gabriel Faure's romantic Piano Quartet No. 1. 

Pernambuco wood has long been used in the making of string instrument bows, but is now an endangered species due to habitat loss in Brazil.  We named our group Pernambuco because of our connections to pernambuco wood, our concern for the environment, and our love of the music of South America.  Our benefit organizations for this concert are the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative and the International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species. These organizations are working to ensure the future of stringed instrument music by increasing knowledge of endangered pernambuco wood with research, replanting, educational outreach and conversation efforts. 



Cello Suite No. 1, in G major by J.S. Bach 
(Arranged for viola and cello duet by Judith Glixon)
    Menuet I and II

Sonate for violin and piano in Bb (K378) by W. Mozart 
    Allegro moderato
    Andantino sostenuto e cantabile

Piano Quartet No. 1 in C-minor Op. 15 by Gabriel Faure
    Allegro molto moderato 
    Scherzo, Allegro vivo
     Allegro molto

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