An Afternoon of Chamber Music
Laselle Village - Newton, MA

How wonderful to perform live and without masks for an appreciative audience!!
Our program  included selections from Schubert's well-known Trout quintet as well as a newly arranged version of one of the Bach cello suites for viola and cello duet.
In addition to the music and the lovely audience, our group will also remember this concert for another reason. When we arrived, we found a picture of a playful trout in the second floor men's room.  We decided it was perfect for our concert, and hung it over the piano.   Michael told the audience about it during his introduction to Die Forelle, and they exploded in laughter. 


Laselle Village, Newton, MA
    Sunday March 6, 2022

Two Songs, Op. 91 by J. Brahms 
    Gestillte Sehnsucht, Adagio espressivo
    Geistliches Wiegenlied, Andante con moto

Cello Suite No. 6, BWV 1012 by J.S. Bach 
(Arranged for viola and cello duet by Judith Glixon)
    Gavotte I and II

Die Forelle, Op. 32 (The Trout) and 
Piano Quintet in A Major (Trout) by F. Schubert
    Theme and Variations, Andantino 
    Scherzo, Presto

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