A Minor Romance is our Spring Celebration concert featuring two new arrangements by our cellist Judith Glixon.  These include a trio version of the wonderful Arpeggione Sonata by Schubert and a duet arrangement of Bach's second solo cello suite.   Also on the program are the powerfully dramatic piano quartet  by Mahler, a staged version of Mozart's catalog aria from Don Giovanni, and the first movement of Louise Farrenc's first piano quintet.  Since many of these pieces are in the key of A minor, and the majority of them are from the Romantic period, we decided to name the concert, "A Minor Romance."

The Schubert sonata was written in 1824 for piano and arpeggione, a fretted six-stringed guitar-like instrument that was popular in the early 19th Century.   The piece can be played on either cello or viola, but having only four instead of six strings makes the piece technical challenging.  Judith Glixon's arrangement for viola-cello-piano trio addresses these challenges while providing a rich fullness of sound.    There is a limited repertoire available for viola-cello chamber music, and Judith's arrangements of Bach and Schubert pieces have added considerably to what is available.  For more information please visit Judith's website.    

Mahler's Piano Quartet is a single movement of a an abandoned piece and Mahler's sole surviving piece of instrumental chamber music.  The movement was written when he was 16 years old, with complex harmonies and an urgent, yearning theme.   Even at a young age, Mahler was already writing profound and moving music.   

"Madamina," also known as the Catalog Aria from Don Giovanni, is one of Mozart's most famous and popular arias.   It is sung by Don Giovanni's servant Leporello to Elvira during act 1 of the opera.  With a mostly light-hearted tune, it consists of a detailed account of his master's many romantic conquests.

Louise Farrenc was a French composer, pianist and teacher at a time when few women were able to pursue a musical career.  She was a piano prodigy at a young age and allowed to study at the Paris Conservatory. Later she was the only woman to be appointed a Conservatory professor.  We will be performing the first movement of her Piano Quintet No. 1.  The movement features an interplay between a full orchestral string sound, including bass, alternating with virtuosic piano writing reminiscent of a piano concerto. 

It has been a number of years since we last performed at Follen Church in Lexington, and they have since remodeled and created the Epp Sonin Music room.  Since space in the music room is limited, we are requesting that audience members reserve their seats in advance and donate via Eventbrite.   

Pernambuco wood has long been used in the making of string instrument bows, but is now an endangered species due to habitat loss in Brazil.  We named our group Pernambuco because of our connections to pernambuco wood, our concern for the environment, and our love for the music of South America.  Our benefit organization for this concert is the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative, a partner of the  International Alliance of Violin and Bow Makers for Endangered Species. These organizations are working to ensure the future of stringed instrument music by increasing knowledge of endangered pernambuco wood with research, replanting, educational outreach and conservation efforts. We are pleased that the Follen Church Environmental Justice Committee is also supporting our benefit organization by sponsoring our May 4th concert. 



Sonata in A minor, D. 821 "Arpeggione" by F. Schubert 
(Arranged for viola, cello and piano trio by Judith Glixon)
    Allegro moderato

Piano Quartet in A minor (1876) by G. Mahler 
    Nicht zu schnell

Two Arias  by W. Mozart
"Madamina" (Catalog) from Don Giovanni  
"Hai gia vinta la causa!" (You've already won the case) from The Marriage of Figaro  


Cello Suite No. 2, in D minor by J.S. Bach 
(Arranged for viola and cello duo by Judith Glixon)
    Menuet I and II

Piano Quintet No. 1 in A minor Op. 30 by Louise Farrenc

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